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Constant Shower

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On Wednesday, March 6th, 2019, Jair Bolsonaro asked the world via Twitter, "What is a golden shower?"

Jair's motives for doing so have been opined by many. What has remained a mystery is whether or not he received an answer to his question.

This piece seeks to provide Jair with that answer. It is our sincere hope that, thanks to the unique demonstrative abilities of interactive digital media, this composition allows Jair (and everyone else) to clearly envision what a golden shower could be like for him.


In fact, we created this experience to allow citizens of the world to collaborate and maintain a constant shower for Jair. By that, we mean this piece can run in its MAIN or AUX modes in multiple locations simultaneously.

The experience provided by each instance is connected to all other instances. The music is even (almost) synchronized!


Tamara Brantmeier is a painter, mother, art professor and all around love bomb. She grew up in Wisconsin, and has a 13 year old son, Ruben. Her current work attempts to unearth universalities of identity, being a woman, and sanity. Weather systems, cycles, and the transformative nature of snow, fog and seasonal changes are important metaphorical influences. Through her work she asks, "How does one construct a narrative that can only be understood through experience?"

Robert Fraher is a professor of interactive design, musician, juggler, husband, and dad. His work explores both the emotional and cognitive aspects of interactivity through immersive aesthetic contexts and meaningful user interaction. The purpose of this exploration is to allow people to feel the exhilaration that can result from creative participation. His creative activities center on using interactive design and digital media to promote individual expression and community involvement.


Robert humbly asks forgiveness from Sérgio Mendes.


One more thing: A very special thanks to Nicole Juza for screen printing the t-shirts and banner, Andrew Mcintosh for snapping the pics, Emily Beck for loaning the glockenspiel, and Aaron Durst for use of the mallets and sweet microphone.